10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Farmers

Tis the Season for Giving

Are you stuck pondering the same gifts you gave to the farmers in your life last year again this year? Maybe something on our list of 10 Gift Ideas for Farmers will make Christmas shopping a little easier for you. We have compiled a list from all different price ranges, so you can find the gift that works best for you. The more ideas, the merrier! Comment your favorite gifts to give farmers below!

  1. Wall Prints featuring Farming: What better way to show your appreciation for a farmer than a decoration for his/her home that shares the spirit of farming with all who walk in? We’ve attached a link to Thomas Zimmerman’s work. He offers a variety of different size prints at a reasonable cost. www.thefarminartist.comrugged-thomas-zimmerman
  2. Smart Phone and/or Smart Phone Protection: For the farmer who needs an upgrade, maybe now is the perfect time to get them set up with a smart phone. Or, gifting them with a heavy duty case is another great gift. Otterbox is a farm favorite for protection. Drop protection, dust protection, and waterproof options are available. This is something every farmer needs, smartphone or not!otterbox
  3. End of the Year Scrapbook: You can DIY this one or use a company like Shutterfly to design, create, and print the perfect personal gift. Fill it with all the pictures you’ve taken on the farm in 2018, or make it a years gone by on the farm memorabilia book. There are a lot of ways you can make this gift special and one that a farmer would cherish. scrapbook.jpg
  4. Warm Work Clothes: Throw out the old and upgrade to some new work clothes this year. For the winter months and calving season, having a nice warm coat, gloves, and socks is a gift you can’t go wrong with. Carhartt has nice options to put under the tree this year. carhartt.jpeg
  5. Bluetooth Headphones: One of the hardest things to do is try to talk on the phone and work/drive at the same time. Sometimes business calls have to be made. Get the farmer in your life a pair of bluetooth headphones so they can make and take those important calls while on the go. Amazon has a big selection of different styles of headphones to purchase. headphones
  6. Grill Set: A farm family gathering is always complete with a nice meal. Maybe the farmer in your life could use a new set of grilling tools. This is a great gift for the farmer who loves to grill and share his cooking with others. Traeger has a 3-piece grilling tool set on sale now for the holidays. grilling.png
  7. Insulated Cups/Coolers: Keeping drinks and lunches cold can be hard while farming. Investing in some nice coolers and and tumblers, such as Yeti, is a nice gift to give this year. Yeti even has a custom shop that you can use to personalize with your favorite sports team. tumbler.jpg
  8. Metal Farm Sign: A special gift to give this year is a one that designates your own family farm. OurLittleShopDesigns on Etsy makes custom metal farm signs, ranch signs, welcome signs, farm gate signs, etc.farm sign.jpg
  9. Portable Welder: A unique and thoughtful gift to make life easier. Sometimes in-field repairs have to happen and you can’t take your welder with you. The Millermatic 211 MIG Welder is a great choice and is easy to take where you need it to go. Millermatic 211 907614 Rebate.jpg
  10. Telescoping Lighted Magnet: Definitely a tool to make farm fixes easier. Trying to fit in the nooks and crannies of farm equipment can be hard especially when there is no light. Being able to retrieve small parts in hard to reach places can be made easier with this tool. This is for the farmer who could use something to make repairs more timely. Sensible Products EMF-2 is one that we found on Amazon with 3 super bright LEDs. flashlight.jpg


We hope you have a great year of Christmas gift giving and enjoy the special moments with your farm families and friends. As always, follow us on social media to keep up with our latest news and photos at ‘novuag’.


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