An All Local Crop Camp Wrap Up

On Wednesday, December 13th, the Novus Ag Crop Camp group met for their Post-Harvest Meeting in Dublin, OH. This was the last meeting in a series of meetings that began in March. Through out the growing season the group focused on two fields they would experiment with and learn from; one corn field and one soybean field. The Crop Camp group focused on soil testing (pre and post), tissue sampling weekly, emergence testing, field scouting, and keeping a detailed record book of observations, weather patterns, etc. The idea behind the Crop Camp group is to take select progressive growers that are willing to learn from each other, share their experiences, and aim for new and improved methods of planting and growth management of their crops. image1 (1).jpeg

This is the second year the group has followed their fields closely and now have two years of data to examine. Growers in the group have results to look back on so they can look forward to next year knowing what they would like to tweak in their planning. The team at Novus Ag enjoys helping recommend ways to cost effectively achieve a greater ROI tailored to each grower while working closely with this group all season long. Jake Straub with Performance Nutrition, is another person who has worked closely with the group. Jake has played an important role in explaining how the soil works and reacts with the different biologicals and chemistries applied on the fields. He also helps interpret tissue and soil sampling for each grower. He has made many farm visits with this Crop Camp group and continues to educate our growers and the team at Novus, so there can be more understanding of how to spoon feed crops and maximize dollars spent.

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At the meeting this past Wednesday, the key topics of discussion were tissue sample results, side by side trial results, observations made from the combine, how weather played into the season, the difference between this year and the last, and ideas going into next season. After the meeting, the group was greeted by Chad Caplinger, Director of Operations for Mike Mariola Restaurants. Chad oversees all operations for The Rail Restaurant in Dublin, where the Crop Camp group went to eat lunch afterwards. Chad explained that The Rail was first opened in Akron, OH and it is proud to serve beef sourced from Ohio local beef farms. And to no surprise, the all-Ohio burgers hit the spot with the whole Crop Camp group.

Novus Ag would like to thank the Crop Camp group for another successful year and Jake Straub for all his time spent and dedication to Novus Ag. Novus Ag looks forward to another progressive and beneficial Crop Camp in 2019.

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