TerraMax and the Importance of Inoculants


We announced as a company back in March that we would be carrying TerraMax products and since then, we have seen some great success from our customers who decided to give this inoculant a try. To refresh, TerraMax products include Azospirillum. It’s a naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting microbe (bacterium) that works as a nitrogen fixer — harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to root systems.

For more than 10 years, TerraMax users have continually reported healthier plants and increased yields. TerraMax soybean inoculants are formulated with an advanced stabilizing technology for superior survivability without the need for extenders or additives.

This growing season, it was evident what fields were treated with TerraMax and what fields were not. We could see right away the increased number and size of nodules on the soybean plants with TerraMax as early as V2. Not only does TerraMax include Azospirillum, but their Bradyrhizobium- based inoculants contain two strains of Bradyrhizobium, as well as a proprietary stabilization media. This ensures growers have the bacteria to provide nitrogen inoculation, increased stand establishment and improved profits using any of their three Bradyrhizobium-based products.

We have learned that most growers do not realize that some of their seed is not inoculated. It may be assumed that inoculant is included in their seed, but always make sure to check with your seed salesman on what strains of bacterium are already on your seed. This is important because most soils do not have enough native Rhizobium bacteria to stimulate nitrogen fixation and increase yields. It is necessary to inoculate a crop with a Rhizobium strain in order to obtain the full benefits of nitrogen fixation.

Inoculation is an easy step to make in a planting season and we would love to make it easier for you. The TerraMax line has been reviewed by our growers as one of the easiest to spread on their seed. We carry a full line of TerraMax products including liquid and dry. Contact an Associate Partner to learn more about including TerraMax into your 2019 planting strategy.





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