Our Recommended Adjuvant with Liberty

Our Recommended Adjuvants with Engenia (1)

Last week we discussed our recommendation of what adjuvants to use when spraying  Engenia. If you missed that post, you can check it out here. The importance of using the right adjuvant is carried on when we think about Liberty applications. When using Liberty, we recommend the adjuvant, Array.

Array has proven its quality and performance benefits for more than a decade, as a target performance adjuvant that increases the deposition, retention, canopy penetration and increases performance of post applied pesticides. The benefits of using Array are:

  • Improved retention of spray (less bounce)
  • Improved spray pattern quality (keeps spray on target)
  • Improved canopy penetration (better coverage)
  • Improved performance

BASF and Rosen’s Inc. are in agreement that Liberty can be tank mixed with Array in all geographies and crops as outlined below:

Corn, Soybean, and Burn-down Applications:

  • Array 9 lbs/100 gallons at 15-20 GPA carrier volume
  • Including additional AMS may be recommended in more challenging weed environments.

There should also be a proper nozzle selection and pressure to produce medium to coarse droplet size. The optimum droplet size is 350-450 um. BASF and Rosen’s Inc. recommend using Twin tips (Guardian Air Hydro GAT 110 or TT Twin Jet), TeeJet XR, or TeeJet TT. A.I. tips are not recommended with Liberty herbicide in tank mix with Array.

A Novus Ag Associate Partner can help you with your adjuvant selection and acquiring the right nozzles. Please contact us for any questions on spray programs and best products to use for your operation.

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