Our Recommended Adjuvants with Engenia

Our Recommended Adjuvants with Engenia

Picking the right adjuvant is critical when making applications of dicamba and liberty. As weed pressures increase and more acres get post applications, the performance of adjuvants in your tank is essential. We believe quality is always a better option when making those decisions, especially when concerning the importance of drift reduction. Novus Ag is a carrier of Rosen’s Inc. Medallion Quality Adjuvants. They lead the industry in developing innovative and environmentally responsible solutions for today’s agribusiness.

Check out the video below that shows a demonstration of Engenia used with two different types of adjuvants. The quality adjuvant minimizes drift and puts it right on target.



We recommend the adjuvant Astonish when using Engenia or the product Contrast. Reducing risk of off-target movement and sensitive plant injury is a result of effective application stewardship with Engenia and Astonish. Astonish is a premier adjuvant with drift reducing properties.

  • Liquid formulation
  • Industry leading drift reducing polymer blend
  • Premier water conditioning agents that out perform AMS without changing tank mix pH
  • Can be applied with all chemistries to reduce drift and off target applications

Contrast is the dry formulation of the drift reduction product. It also contains Antifoam. Contrast, like Astonish, is approved for use with Engenia. With proper application with Engenia, it will provide maximum broadleaf weed control and effectively minimize off-target potential.

Check back in on our blog and follow us on social media for our next recommendation on adjuvants to use with Liberty. Please contact us today with any questions on what adjuvants to use with certain products.

Engenia at 12.8 oz/A pre & post + Astonish at 54 oz/100 gallons

Engenia at 12.8 oz/A pre & post + Contrast at 2.5 lbs/100 gallons


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