Meet Our Operations Team in Milford Center, OH


From left to right: Brad Dinnen (Operations Manager & Associate Partner), Cody Spelman (Warehouse Generalist/Applicator), Clay King (Warehouse Generalist), Robert Spence II (Warehouse Generalist), Evan Sheiderer (Applicator) and Marty Elliot (Driver) 

If you take a walk back into the warehouse at our headquarters and liquid facility in Milford Center, OH, you will see all of the behind-the-scenes action it takes to keep our business running smoothly. Our operations team will most likely be fulfilling orders, loading up totes, and delivering product to our grower customers. They work closely with our Associate Partners and make sure product is delivered timely. You may find some out in the field spreading dry fertilizer or custom blending product. They are the driving force behind all the much needed operations in ag retail. We can never thank them enough for their hard work, over time hours, and dedication to this fundamental part of our company.

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