Black Cutworm – Currently Making Their Way Into Our Geography #PostEmergencePrep19

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.03.09 AMWe wanted to share a recent article about the black cutworm populations that have been making their way into the Midwest. Staying on the preventative side is what we encourage when we hear of these types of pests.

Southerly winds are currently blowing cutworms into the Midwest. There have been intensive black cutworm moth flights captured in Southern Illinois and Indiana. Additionally, there are also a large amount of Army moths being trapped in Kentucky. While these trap counts may not be in Ohio, this is always a good indication of what is to come. When we see these numbers in our geography, it’s always best to be on the preventative side.

Who is at the most risk?

Fields that contain heavy winter annual pressure or cover crops are the primary targets for egg laying moths. Unfortunately a lot of our fields are at high risk because of their conducive conditions. We also need to take into account that the continual moisture is delaying planting. This will likely facilitate smaller corn plants later in the season that are more vulnerable to cutting.

Ideas for Prevention

Including pyrethroid insecticides with burn-down / pre-emergence and early post applications particularly on higher risk fields will assist in deterring migrating females, knock down small larvae and reduce damage inflicted by cutworms later in the season. Our recommendations for preventative measures are listed below along with some valuable information on cutworms.

  • Strongly consider a cutworm preventative treatment of Mustang® Maxx Insecticide @ 2.56 oz/acre applied with corn herbicides as an economical insurance policy.
  • These rates qualifies for FMC’s Cutworm Assurance program.  If you have any issues after treatment, they cover product for respray, PLUS $5/acre towards application.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 9.47.06 AM 

If you have any questions regarding black cutworm or insecticides you can use along with your herbicide program, please don’t hesitate to call our office or you local Associate Partner. For more information on the latest news, sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on social media.

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