The Importance of Early Season Weed Control #PostEmergencePrep19

Can you spot the quarter in the picture below?


The quarter in the above picture, represents smaller weeds under a canopy of larger weeds. This season, we have discovered emergence of small marestail, giant ragweed, lambsquarter, giant foxtail and water hemp under the canopy of larger giant ragweed and mats of chickweed. This underscores the importance of early weed control, as many herbicides list effective weed height for control as 4-6 inches. As you can see from the pictures below, many weeds have already reached this threshold.

There may be opportunities this season for early post-emergence applications. This will control weeds, insects and diseases; ultimately protecting your yield potential and setting you up for a better growing season. Even if you start with a clean field from a good burndown program, you may still be losing yield if you do not invest in a good residual herbicide program.

It is important to find the right herbicide and adjuvant combination for the application. This can be utilized for maximum deposition, retention and canopy penetration. Some things to keep in mind when adding adjuvants to your tank mix are the weather conditions, application techniques, pest spectrum, and crop condition.

Remember, the most expensive application is the one that fails to accomplish the purpose for which it is applied.

Many chemicals require NIS, AMS or a combination of the two. For recommendations or questions on your post emergence plan for early weed control, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today as our sales team has been working diligently on tailored recommendations for growers.

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