Watch Out for Septoria Brown Spot #PostEmergencePrep19


Septoria Brown Spot is very common in Central Ohio and can be found on the bottom canopy of soybean plants. This can happen especially when tillage has caused soil to splash up to the lower leaves causing the infection to begin. With the weather we have been experiencing and the current saturated soil conditions, post emergence applications are predicted to begin earlier because of the risk for disease.

With Brown Spot, the yield loss can happen when the lower leaves abort or drop off the soybean plant, causing a loss in nodules which correlates to a loss in yield. The Ohio State University conducted a study on Septoria Brown Spot. They found that with a special fungicide program, it enabled the soybean plant to remain healthy and never encounter the disease. They measured a 2.9 to 4.3 bushel yield difference with these treated beans. After a commitment to managing Septoria, the yields from their treated plots and non-treated plots averaged an increase of 3.1 bu./acre.

Control of this disease is easy and economical. This can be achieved along with your first post soybean herbicide spray. Early post emergence applications will be extremely important this year as we encounter this disease along with cutworms and the need for early season burndown. We would be happy to customize a post emergence program for your operation, so you are prepared to keep your fields clean this year. Please contact our office to be connected with an Associate Partner near you. Make sure to check back on our blog and sign up for our newsletter as we will continue to address the need for early season post emergence applications this year.

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