Product Spotlight: Hype

We have seen Hype™ by Innova Performance Products, become one of the most successful high yielding contributors on the market. It has quickly become one of our number one foliar nutritionals on soybeans applied during the vegetative stages. Growers who have seen the benefits and yield increases from using Hype™ with glyphosate now even have the option of using our Hype-D product with Engenia.

Plants need a “balanced diet” to grow and develop properly and be productive. Hype™ was developed to be a quick and efficient source of the nutrients plants need. When applied with glyphosate, Hype will help minimize the effect glyphosate can have on the immobilization of nutrients within the plant. Hype also provides the plant with bio-stimulants for increased growth and stress relief.

Immediate Benefits from an application of Hype:

  • Will reduce and minimize the “yellow flash” from a glyphosate application.
  • Results will be visual within 48 hours of application on soybeans affected by low Manganese.
  • Will help minimize 28 percent burn when top dressing wheat at green-up.

A testimony on Hype from one of our growers in Plain City:

“Last year I used just manganese but I like the Hype because it has a balance of micros in it. I saw a 5 bushel difference using Hype on my soybeans. Because of the success I had using Hype on my beans, next year I will be using it on my corn.” -JCW Farms, 2016

For more information on Hype, please contact our office (937) 349-2080. For label info click here.


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Soybeans treated with Hype, Trifecta and Spark, 2018



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