Micro Az + 6-24-6 vs Untreated

The Novus Ag Performance Plot is up and running! We are currently testing and documenting multiple in-furrow, 2×2 and foliar products. Contact your Novus Ag Sales Associate for a walk-through of the plot to view some of our trials.

In this trial, you will see a treated strip vs an untreated strip. For the treated area, we ran TerraMax’s Micro AZ + our formulated 6-24-6 in-furrow. Micro AZ is a biological that contains azospirillum, which is a nitrogen fixing bacteria. As you can see, the treated strip got off to a much needed head start. The color difference of dark green also is an indicator of a healthier plant vs the untreated.

In a spring like this, it is pertinent that we allow the plant to go through as little stress as possible by controlling the controllables. In this case, we were able to do so by giving the growing corn plant a jump start with our in-furrow products.

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