4 Buckets of Yield and Understanding That Yield is the Sum of ALL Variables

A barrel with staves can be used to represent areas of management or production that can be addressed to have a positive impact on yield:

Buckets of Yield

The concept is to address the most limiting factor of production and your overall yield will increase. To address the multitude of considerations, Novus Ag has developed 4 Key Buckets of Yield to address on your farming operation:

1. Emergence

2. Nutrient Sufficiency/Efficiency

3. Stress Mitigation

4. Efficient Application Passes

When discussing row cropping you are almost always discussing YIELD. We all understand increased yields mean increased profits, but rarely do we step back and look at the big picture of yield. Yields truly are the “The Sum of All Variables” in that every decision made on the farm has an effect on yield. This decision begins as soon as harvest finishes with considerations on fall fertility, planting cover crops, soil testing, fall burn-down, tillage options, genetic selection, etc. Yield doesn’t start at planting – it starts with planning.

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