Hype VS Untreated

The Novus Ag Performance Plot is coming along nicely as we move toward fall! We are currently documenting multiple in-furrow, 2×2 and foliar products. Contact your Novus Ag Sales Associate for a walk-through of the plot to view some of our trials.


In this foliar trial that we conducted at growth stage V3, you will see one of our tried and true nutritional products called Hype. Hype is one of many foliar nutritionals that we offer, and it boasts a good ROI year after year. Hype has a 3-3-2 analysis and is packed with our own blend of micronutrients. It also contains phytohormones and biostimulants to help promote root growth, leaf expansion, branching, and flowering to help optimize sunlight reception and photosynthesis. Along with this blend, we also added in a stress reliever known as KaPre Phonix, which will keep the plant at equilibrium under stressful conditions and limit ethylene production. If you look at picture “Hype-1”, you will see a picture of a Hype treated soybean and an untreated soybean. The goal of our Hype application was to optimize soybean growth and help mitigate stress from environmental conditions. This foliar application should help increase total biomass and photosynthesis and lead to a higher pod count and yield.



In picture “Hype-2”, you can see the pod count was fairly similar between the treated and the untreated soybean, but branching was increased on the Hype treated soybean. Hype has been one of our proven products year after year, and we believe that Hype can be a great tool in helping to mitigate stress and aide your crop in maximizing its potential.

If you would like to learn more about Hype or one of our other foliar products, please contact your Novus Ag Sales Associate or visit www.innovaperformance products.com

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