Building a stronger ag community, one member at a time.

Novus Ag is an innovative new company, with a unique approach to the ag retail sector. In short, we put people first by removing barriers and generating options.

We provide an agile, scalable platform for accounting, HR, regulatory, and other day-to-day business processes so that our retailers can focus on their passion: serving growers and providing them with the best solutions for their crops. This focus allows us to attract the best talent, as retailers are able to pull from the choices we provide and put their customers first, thus creating more successful growers and communities.

Our belief is that, by focusing on the people involved in the retailer-grower chain, everyone becomes more successful - and we’re only getting started.

Our Center


Retailers who join the Novus Ag network receive access to a number of helpful options to assist their businesses, allowing them to better focus on their customers.


Growers who purchase from Novus Ag retailers can rest easy knowing they’re receiving the best possible service and solutions for their needs.

Our Mission

Novus Ag will offer an autonomous retail crop input platform that removes barriers and offers choices that put the focus on success at the local level.

Our Vision

Provide empowering and relevant solutions for local success.

Our Values

  • Put people first
  • Be honest, up-front and genuine
  • Explore unexpected options
  • Be innovative
  • Have fun

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