As ag retail has consolidated over the years, a void has been created for quality and timely information that provides solutions growers can implement in their operations.

Novus Ag brings growers innovative products and solutions to overcome today’s production challenges.

“Our success will be measured by our growers’ success.”
-Brad Rivers, Founder


Novus Ag was formed by a group of professionals dedicated to working with progressive growers to achieve a higher level of success in their farming operations. Their careers in the agriculture business span decades. During that time they have acquired valuable experience working in various positions for several successful companies. Their collective insights, industry relationships and passion for the ag business that Novus Ag brings to their growers is unmatched in the marketplace.



Novus Ag is a new generation farm supplier that helps progressive growers get the most from each acre with cutting-edge products and tailored recommendations from real, local, approachable experts.

Core Values

It is important that we connect with our customers through our shared values. Our actions must reflect the words that we have chosen to describe what matters to Novus Ag and its people.


Our ideal customer is a progressive thinking farmer of corn, soybeans and wheat. He or she may or may not manage a multi-generational farm with family members and multiple decision-makers. While this profile is important, we recognize that it is more important to understand the challenges of our customer – both broadly and personally. We endeavor to know each customer, their families, their preferences, their risk tolerance, their farm practices, soils and methodologies as well or better than they themselves do. This will make us a valuable asset to each farmer we work with.

We also need to understand the mindset of the farmer. In general, the following challenges, or pains, may worry our customer base:

  • The price of corn keeps coming down.
  • Input costs remain steady. Will they come down? If so, when?
  • Land costs are at an all-time high, which is good if I own most of my land, but if I rent, can I hold onto my ground? If I buy, will I be buying at the top of the market?
  • Consolidation among ag suppliers means few options and few choices.
  • There is so much information/technology to process! It’s information overload!
  • Farming can put stress on life, family and relationships on a normal day, but other stressors make it even harder.
  • I’ve been successful this year, but that just means more taxes! What will I invest in at the end of the year to avoid having a high tax bill?
  • If farming takes a turn for the worse, will I always be able to have the best equipment and the lifestyle and farm I’ve come to expect in the last 6 years?
  • There is so much ambiguity amongst retailers. Can I price shop without offending my current dealer/friend?
  • Weather uncertainties – hail, wind, tornadoes, drought, floods, climate change.
  • I have to outperform last years’ yields and my neighbors’.

If Novus Ag can help solve these challenges and ease our customers’ pains, then we will be in a position to build trust, secure long-term business relationships, and attract new customers.



  • We’re here to make your farm better
  • We’re in the field with you
  • We work fast
  • We’re available. At all levels. Our experts are here to serve you.


  • We’re quality people you’ll enjoy and trust
  • We’re flexible and adaptive to your needs
  • We’ll do what’s in your best interest, and that of your farms


  • We’re an innovative nutritional business
  • We receive and share our knowledge ahead of others
  • We’re the most well-versed experts in the industry when it comes to nutrition

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Founders of Novus Ag: Brian Higgins, Candyce Schultz, Brad Rivers and Doug Hasting.