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What are Foliar Fertilizers?

Foliar fertilizers can provide immediate nutrients to the crop during the growing season to overcome or prevent deficiencies and increase yield. They are used in much smaller amounts per acre and applied with a sprayer. Foliar fertilizers are a supplement to soil applied fertilizer, not a replacement. Foliar fertilizers are typically applied with a herbicide […]

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Soil Temp Update

It’s time for another soil temp update. Here are current temperatures:   In Fayette County on corn stubble: 61 degrees. In Morrow County on corn stubble: 63 degrees. In Morrow County on no-till bean stubble: 60 degrees.   We have officially surpassed the 55 degree mark. From the entire Novus Ag Team, we wish you […]

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nitrification inhibitors

Big Corn Concepts: Nitrification Inhibitors

Nitrification is a natural process in soils that converts ammonium to nitrite and then to nitrate. Nitrate is the dominant form of plant available N in soil and unless taken up by roots, it can be transferred to either water or the atmosphere. Nitrate can leach below the root zone with the potential to be […]

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