Is Super Early Corn Planting Really Critical?

March is here, anticipation is building and our fields may dry out soon, if rain holds off. So when should we start planting corn? Normally, we can start rolling whenever soils dry out. However, soil temperature determines corn germination rate. Cool conditions, like we had last year, may substantially retard germination and can put your […]

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Key Factors That Will Sway 2014 Planting Decisions

As the calendar flips to March, I continue to hear from farm suppliers that producers have been slow to commit to seed purchases for 2014 plantings. Most likely, this indecision is due to lower 2014 prices that can be booked for harvest delivery. The profitability outlook is tighter than it has been the last couple […]

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Reduce Fungicide Resistance Risk in Corn

With expanding herbicide and corn-rootworm trait resistance, why let fungicide resistance get a seat at the table? Fungicide resistance in corn has yet to be identified. Checking resistance at the gate makes good agronomic and economic sense.“You only need two ingredients for fungicide resistance to develop: .mutations and selection pressure,” says Paul Vincelli, Extension professor, Plant […]

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Intensive Management Pushes Soybeans to Maximum Potential

As soybean researchers continue pushing achievable soybean yields, DuPont Pioneer agronomists advise growers to manage their soybeans intensively for high yield. Mark Jeschke, DuPont Pioneer agronomy research manager, says the biggest challenge to high soybean yields is changing the mindset about managing your soybean crop. “Over the years, soybeans have gotten less attention during the […]

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Not All Soils Are Created Equal

Not all soils are created equal, and that simple realization will go a long way in helping you determine yield goals and fertilizer needs. “Whatever you’re growing, you need to take into consideration what your land is capable of producing,” says Charles Mitchell, Auburn University Extension agronomist. “In Alabama, we have a lot of varying […]

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