Get in-the-know about your Rhizosphere nutrients!

The Rhizosphere The rhizosphere is the part of the soil that is immediately surrounded by plant roots.  The rhizosphere is a very dynamic environment where plants, soil, microorganisms, nutrients and water meet and interact.  The rhizosphere differs from the rest of the soil because of the activities of plant roots and their effect on soil […]

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Interested in getting more Cover Crop knowledge?

Novus Ag Cover Crop Grower Meeting—9:00-11:00am We would like to extend an invite to you, encouraging your attendence at the Novus Ag Cover Crop Grower meeting on June 9th! We plan for this to be a short and informative gathering for Novus Ag and customers held at Der Dutchman in Plain City, OH. Prepared for you are the following guest speakers- Harold Pack […]

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Protect your nitrogen investment with stabilizers!

Use a stabilizer this season to make sure that you are not losing nitrogen with your side-dress application. Depending on the type of application you are using this spring, there are above, below and above and below-ground stabilizers to prevent nitrogen loss. Check out our latest video update for more information and as always, contact […]

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Drought Monitor Update

Nearly coast-to-coast storminess reduced drought’s footprint across the nation’s mid-section. Meanwhile, cool, wet weather in the upper Midwest provided much-needed moisture, following a period of rapid planting progress. In fact, below-normal temperatures dominated much of the country. Below are current and historical drought maps showing conditions back to May of 2013:      

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Scouting Update: Jeffersonville Side-by-Side

See our latest side-by-side in a field near Jeffersonville: This sample shows an untreated check, n-tro 250 formulated at a 3 gallon per acre rate and the recommended 5 gallon per acre rate of n-tro 250. The samples are all the same variety of seed with refuge in the bag being the reason you will notice […]

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