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Nutrex Corn Comparison: Green Camp, Ohio

These ears were pulled from a field in Green Camp Ohio where the grower treated half the field with Nutrex and Quilt XL at the V5 stage. The number of rows around were not significantly different than the untreated side, but the Nutrex + Quilt XL treated corn of the had noticeably more ear length.

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Fertilizer Decision Time

The clock is ticking on fall fertilizer decisions. A trio of factors—a wet spring, yields on pace to set all-time records and low corn prices—place a premium on making tough choices for 2015 crops even before this year’s harvest. The good news is fall and spring fertilizer prices will be about the same as this […]

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Our latest side-by-side

Here is a wheat field near Marysville, Ohio. The photo of the left represents the side of the field with only an application of 28% Nitrogen. On the right, you see the same application of 28% Nitrogen in this field with Nutrex.   Read more about how Nutrex benefits wheat and soybeans.

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