Successful Weed Management for 2014 Starts This Fall

Corn and soybean harvest is what you are focused on now, but next year’s weed control should also be at the top of your priority list. Not only should you take notice of what weeds you can see from the combine, but also take time to find what you can’t. Beneath the dropped leaves and […]

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Palmer Amaranth Resistant to Atrazine and HPPD inhibitors Confirmed in Nebraska

University of Nebraska-Lincoln greenhouse studies have confirmed a Palmer amaranth population resistant to postemergence application of atrazine and HPPD-inhibiting herbicides (Callisto, Laudis, Armezon/Impact). This is the second report (after Kansas) of a Palmer amaranth population resistant to atrazine and the HPPD group of herbicides. Palmer amaranth, a member of the pigweed family, is a difficult-to-control […]

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Announcing Novus Ag!

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you. We are Novus Ag, proudly partnering with growers in Ohio and southern Michigan. Our mission is delivering excellence to growers with tailored recommendations, innovative products and timely information. Our approach to the marketplace will create a unique customer experience for each and every grower. We have […]

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