Performance Challenge


Delivering Excellence with Innova Performance Products

This offer is an opportunity for a Risk Free trial of Innova Performance Products on your farm and in your fields!

  • Work with your Novus Ag Associate to select your Innova Performance Product(s)
  • Follow recommended application rates and timings
  • Provide detailed trial information (form provided)
  • If the Delivering Excellence Performance Challenge does not show a return on investment through increased yield over the untreated check, Novus Ag will refund the difference up to the cost of the product(s)

You receive:

  • A risk-free introduction to Innova Performance Products
  • Nutritional products to help crops reach their full genetic potential
  • Complete balanced nutritional approach
  • The ability to prove it on your farm

Performance Challenge Guidelines:

  • Work with your Novus Ag Associate to plan your program
  • Limited to 200 treated acres per crop
  • Select location(s)
  • Notify your Novus Ag Associate of the application
  • Detailed field information needed:
    • Planting date
    • Hybrid/Variety
    • Fertility program
    • Application date & time of day
    • Growth stage at application
  • Yield Data – yield maps or yield monitor cards
  • Agree to allow Novus Ag to publish data with name and/or location

Contact us to take the Delivering Excellence Performance Challenge today!