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Watch Out for Septoria Brown Spot #PostEmergencePrep19

Septoria Brown Spot is very common in Central Ohio and can be found on the bottom canopy of soybean plants. This can happen especially when tillage has caused soil to splash up to the lower leaves causing the infection to begin. With the weather we have been experiencing and the current saturated soil conditions, post […]

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Frogeye Found in Northern Ohio, Be Prepared for Disease Early

Most disease developments like Frogeye favor warm and humid conditions along with frequent rainfalls. The weather we have been experiencing lately fits this description perfectly. There is no doubt this will encourage early onset of disease this year. Not to mention, most crops are further ahead in GDUs than last year.

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Wheat: What to look for right now.

Have you wondered how wheat in the area is looking? I’ve seen a little bit of everything depending on the field and variety planted. Striped Rust is becoming more prevalent in some fields and will continue to spread. This is an explosive disease and conditions continue to be favorable for it. Striped Rust can have […]

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