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Tissue Sampling: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Taking tissue samples now identifies unseen nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the growing crop that may or may not be visible as you walk your fields. When imbalances and deficiencies are discovered early they can be addressed with a foliar fertilizer or foliar nutritional application before yield has been negatively impacted. Once the deficiency symptoms […]

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What are Foliar Fertilizers?

Foliar fertilizers can provide immediate nutrients to the crop during the growing season to overcome or prevent deficiencies and increase yield. They are used in much smaller amounts per acre and applied with a sprayer. Foliar fertilizers are a supplement to soil applied fertilizer, not a replacement. Foliar fertilizers are typically applied with a herbicide […]

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Why Foliar Spray?

There are many benefits to foliar feeding. Let’s touch on the main reasons why foliar feeding should be a part of your management practices. 1) Foliar feeding is a toolbox full of tools. Have you ever met a professional mechanic? A mechanic uses his understanding of engines and machines and combines that with physical effort to fix […]

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Soil Microbes

The Carbon Penalty: Will Your Crops Pay the Price in 2015?

Until recent years not much agronomic attention has been given to the carbon to nitrogen relationship but increased corn acres and emphasis on biologicals has driven many people to pay more attention to these interactions and ask questions about how they are affecting yields. Here at Novus Ag we strive to provide expert advise on all […]

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Making Liquid Application Easier

It won’t be too long into the future before you will be back out into the field doing liquid application. To make your application process run more smoothly, Novus Ag has a liquid tank trailer available for customer use. This trailer has three 3,000 gallon tanks which can be positioned at your farm or field. […]

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