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Scoreuniformemergence with soil temp[631]

#ScoreUniformEmergence With Even Soil Moisture

Last week’s blog covered the importance of planting into the right soil temperature to achieve uniform emergence. One of the other necessities in uniform emergence is planting into even soil moisture. Think of it this way, if you want even emergence among crops, then you need even moisture throughout your planting depth. Not doing this […]

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Growing Degree Units

How does a Growing Degree Unit and emergence impact yield?

Oftentimes we evaluate emergence by the number of plants that successfully break through the soil rather than when the plants emerge. Although the number of plants which emerge is important, the timing of emergence is a notable factor in final yield potential. Yield is improved when plants emerge within 10 GDUs of each other. A […]

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deformed mesocotyl elongation

Big Corn Concepts: Planting Early

Were you planning to plant your corn early? Here are some factors to consider before you get too excited: Soil temperature- Corn will not germinate if the soil temperature is below 50° F. The soil temperature at a 2-inch depth should be at least 50°F with the temperature warming in the 5-7 day forecast. Even […]

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