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Soybeans treated with Hype, Trifecta and Spark, 2018

Product Spotlight: Hype

We have seen Hype™ by Innova Performance Products, become one of the most successful high yielding contributors on the market. It has quickly become one of our number one foliar nutritionals on soybeans applied during the vegetative stages. Growers who have seen the benefits and yield increases from using Hype™ with glyphosate now even have the option of […]

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The Newest and Biggest HYPE at Novus Ag

It’s finally official. Hype is now labeled as an approved product for tank mixing with Engenia® herbicide. This labeled nutritional will carry the name “Hype D” and can now be seen on www.engeniatankmix.com We have seen Hype™ become one of our most successful products on the market, which is why this is big news for growers […]

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soybean temperature requirements

Harvest Update: Hype

In Plain City, JCW Farms used Hype (3-3-2) at a rate of 1 gallon per acre on their soybean crop and saw an increase of 5 bushels per acre over the previous year’s harvest. The Hype was applied to the beans with the farm’s glyphosate pass. “Last year I used just manganese but I like the Hype […]

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