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Optimum Soybean Moisture for Harvest

This is an excellent article from the University of Nebraska which discusses soybean moisture levels and how that impacts the price you are paid by the elevator. Here is a harvest planning consideration that is certainly worth taking a look at and one more way to maximize the financial return on the crop you have […]

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Surface Area and Fertility

Get a peek at one of our crop camp sessions where we discuss surface area and fertility. When should you apply fertilizer to the ground and when should it be applied directly to the plant? In this video, Jake Straub from Performance Nutrition joins us to explain.

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Do you have your cover crop seed?

We are busy sending out seed for cover crops this week. The blend in this video is a mix of Rape Seed and Annual Ryegrass. Cover crops help to improve soil health, improve yield potential over time, improve weed control of winter annuals and reduce erosion.

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