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How Much Sulfur You’ll Need for 200 bu. Corn

We hear the most about nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. We know how important they are for high yielding corn. But something that comes in at a close second is sulfur. It is also the nutrient that has decreased the most in our soils. So, by adding sulfur to your soils, you are doing yourself a […]

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Product Spotlight: Starter Fertilizers

Are your rows set up for success this year? When crops are in the vegetative growth stage, they most certainly need adequate nutrition. We have seen big yield differences in crops that had row starter fertilizer and in those that did not. Their root systems are something we dig up and learn from year after […]

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Say No to Sulfur Deficiency

Do you know the nutrient that has decreased the most from our soils? If you answered sulfur, you are correct. According to Performance Nutrition’s, Jake Straub, there are less than 10 parts per million. That is only 0.001% left.

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nodal roots

Big Corn Concepts: Development of the Nodal Roots

Shortly after emergence the plant will rely on nodal roots as the primary source for water and nutrient uptake. If nodal root growth is impeded, the plant will not be able to reach nutrients needed for optimal growth and symptomology will appear above ground. When growth is impeded sporadically throughout the field it is more […]

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