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Is it still worth applying a foliar?

We all know the wet weather has been stressful for crops this year. Despite that, you may be wondering if it is worth the time, effort and investment to do a foliar application. Below are before and after shots of a field in southern Michigan which received an application of Innova Performance Products nutritionals. The […]

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Why Foliar Spray?

There are many benefits to foliar feeding. Let’s touch on the main reasons why foliar feeding should be a part of your management practices. 1) Foliar feeding is a toolbox full of tools. Have you ever met a professional mechanic? A mechanic uses his understanding of engines and machines and combines that with physical effort to fix […]

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How Do I Control The Loss of Nitrogen?

Heavy rainfall over the past several weeks has left many producers across the state with few opportunities to side dress their corn with nitrogen. To make matters worse, excessive water means that significant soil nitrogen has likely been lost through denitrification and/or leaching. It’s not uncommon or surprising to see standing corn crops with severe […]

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Waterlogged soils

Afraid of Nitrogen Loss? Check out this study!

Estimating Nitrogen Losses from Wet Soils, Source of – Lloyd Murdock, Extension Soils Specialist, University of Kentucky Wet soils cause nitrogen losses, and determining how much nitrogen is lost is necessary to choose the proper management options.  In cases where high intensity rain results in high runoff, leaching losses will probably be low.  The primary nitrogen […]

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Coverage from our latest Grower Meeting!

Did you miss us on June, 9th? No worries- check out our video to get a quick recap on information covered. If you have an interest in implementing cover crops to your farming operation, we encourage you to contact us with any questions! Stay tuned- we’ll be releasing our next meeting date soon!

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