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Is it still worth applying a foliar?

We all know the wet weather has been stressful for crops this year. Despite that, you may be wondering if it is worth the time, effort and investment to do a foliar application. Below are before and after shots of a field in southern Michigan which received an application of Innova Performance Products nutritionals. The […]

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Lima Jolt Strip

Lima Strip trial with Jolt on Soybeans

This field is located in Lima, Ohio and had Jolt applied at the R3 stage across the field. The center 10 ft section of the spray boom was turned off so there would be untreated strips across the entire field. These plants were pulled from two different areas of the field.  In both areas there […]

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photo (2)

Nutrex Corn Comparison: Green Camp, Ohio

These ears were pulled from a field in Green Camp Ohio where the grower treated half the field with Nutrex and Quilt XL at the V5 stage. The number of rows around were not significantly different than the untreated side, but the Nutrex + Quilt XL treated corn of the had noticeably more ear length.

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