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Friday’s Pre-Plant Meeting Highlights

Last Friday, Novus Ag held their Pre-Plant Growers Meeting with special guest, Missy Bauer. Missy is a leading agronomist in the industry and has been a key educator at Corn College since its first year in 2008. Bauer has also worked closely with Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie for over 10 years.

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corn response

Big Corn Concepts: Starter Fertilizers

Starting your crops off with adequate nutrition during the vegetative development phase is the primary reason for starter fertilizers. What are starter fertilizers? Starter fertilizers use a small amount of plant nutrients per acre placed in close proximity to the seed, typically at planting. Why are starter fertilizers important? Starter fertilizers can help enhance impeded root […]

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nodal roots

Big Corn Concepts: Development of the Nodal Roots

Shortly after emergence the plant will rely on nodal roots as the primary source for water and nutrient uptake. If nodal root growth is impeded, the plant will not be able to reach nutrients needed for optimal growth and symptomology will appear above ground. When growth is impeded sporadically throughout the field it is more […]

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Harvest Update

These photos show a side by side from Ross County. The corn was planted on May 8th with a 32,000 planting population. The corn on the left was fertilized with two tons of non-traditional fertilizer in February of 2015. The corn on the right was fertilized with 150 pounds of MAP treated with EcoPhos, 200 pounds of […]

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Innova Row Starter

Harvest Update

A field east of Marion was split with 6-24-4 plus ChixMix versus and untreated check with no starter. This grower saw a 13+ bu/acre yield increase on the side of the field treated with 6-24-6 and ChixMix. ChixMix is a ready to use row starter additive formulated with several innovative technologies that compliment your chicken […]

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