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Extensively Manage Soybeans and See Pay-Off in Yield

Are your high-yielding soybean varieties getting enough S and N? Over the years, soybeans have been shown a lot more attention and data proves that they are no longer just a rotational crop. Progressive growers are finding a high yield pay-off in soybeans that they have extensively managed. The Crop Life Learning Center wrote a […]

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Tissue Sampling: What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Taking tissue samples now identifies unseen nutrient deficiencies and imbalances in the growing crop that may or may not be visible as you walk your fields. When imbalances and deficiencies are discovered early they can be addressed with a foliar fertilizer or foliar nutritional application before yield has been negatively impacted. Once the deficiency symptoms […]

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Innova Row Starter

How do you prevent sulfur deficiencies?

We are pleased to announce a new product in our line of Innova Performance Products, Ntise. Ntise provides supplemental sulfur in a form that is readily available to your crops. Plants need sulfur to: Make proteins Craft chlorophyll Fabricate enzymes and vitamins Aid in seed production Promote nodule formation in legumes Facilitate trans location of […]

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What you think you know about corn fertilizer may be wrong.

University of Illinois scientists dug deep into the mysteries of how corn plants use fertilizer, and discovered that many of the long-held beliefs about nutrient movement in the crop are wrong. A new understanding of how today’s high-performing hybrids take up and transport nutrients could provide insight into fine-tuning fertilizer applications and rates, says Dr. […]

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