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Innova Row Starter

Keep Nitrogen Available To Nourish Plants

Just applying nitrogen doesn’t guarantee it will still be there in the most usable form when the crop needs it. Nitrogen is one of the leading yield-limiting factors for the crop.  Researchers now recommend applying only the amount of nitrogen the plant requires to fulfill its yield potential and inhibiting the loss of that nitrogen […]

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Harvest Update

In Williamsport, Ohio, I had the opportunity to work with a grower who treated his corn crop at planting time in the spring of 2015 with four different fertility options. Results showed varying yields, and visual differences. Approximately 100 acres of corn were included in the treatment area. The application for each sample and corresponding […]

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What you think you know about corn fertilizer may be wrong.

University of Illinois scientists dug deep into the mysteries of how corn plants use fertilizer, and discovered that many of the long-held beliefs about nutrient movement in the crop are wrong. A new understanding of how today’s high-performing hybrids take up and transport nutrients could provide insight into fine-tuning fertilizer applications and rates, says Dr. […]

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Protect your nitrogen investment!

In a market with tighter commodity prices, managing your fertility dollar is a top priority for us at Novus Ag. To put out a corn crop a grower will spend on average $75-100 per acre on nitrogen. That is a large investment! Depending on the year, you can lose up to 50% of your nitrogen […]

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