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herbicide resistance

How can you fight herbicide resistance?

Herbicide resistance is a challenge we will continue to face. Fortunately, there are many creative approaches that can be taken to prevent herbicide resistant weeds from taking valuable nutrients and moisture from the crops in your field. Check out this guide, 11 That Threaten, from the United Soybean Board. This is a great resource. It offers specific strategies for […]

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soybean temperature requirements

Continuous Soybean Management

With commodity prices down, I have heard many growers talking about moving corn acres to soybeans in 2015. Let’s face it, everyone loves growing corn. It has been the money maker year in and year out. But in 2015, soybeans deserve some attention. With the increase of soybean acres, we must pay special attention to […]

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Set the Stage Now for Spring

Fall is a great time to control some of those troublesome weeds that we face in the spring. Winter annuals such as Marestail, Chickweed and Deadnettle are starting to emerge. The best time to control these weeds is during the fall. Marestail, for example, germinates in the fall and forms a rosette. When spring comes […]

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Don’t Let Cover Crops Turn Into Weeds

A weed, simply put, is “a plant out of place.” Cover crop enthusiasts are all too aware of this adage – this agronomic practice has many advantages, but at the same time winter cover crops need to be eradicated before spring planting. Otherwise, this asset quickly becomes a burden. This year’s wet spring weather in […]

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Successful Weed Management for 2014 Starts This Fall

Corn and soybean harvest is what you are focused on now, but next year’s weed control should also be at the top of your priority list. Not only should you take notice of what weeds you can see from the combine, but also take time to find what you can’t. Beneath the dropped leaves and […]

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