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How to Develop a Nutritional Plan

Developing a Nutritional Plan Know Your Nutrients What nutrients are required to make a bushel of grain? Most growers immediately think of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Some other producers may also think about Sulfur, Zinc, and Manganese. But it also takes a plethora of other micronutrients – such as Chlorine, Iron, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Calcium, etc […]

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It’s Not Too Late For Discovering Yield Limiting Factors

Do you know your yield limiting factors? Do you want to uncover the possibilities of your operation? This year, let’s focus on learning and growing in success together. Our sampling program includes everything you will need to discover more about your operation and it is not too late to join.

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Growing Degree Units

How does a Growing Degree Unit and emergence impact yield?

Oftentimes we evaluate emergence by the number of plants that successfully break through the soil rather than when the plants emerge. Although the number of plants which emerge is important, the timing of emergence is a notable factor in final yield potential. Yield is improved when plants emerge within 10 GDUs of each other. A […]

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