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Surface Area and Fertility

Get a peek at one of our crop camp sessions where we discuss surface area and fertility. When should you apply fertilizer to the ground and when should it be applied directly to the plant? In this video, Jake Straub from Performance Nutrition joins us to explain.

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Potassium Basics

Potassium (K) is an essential plant macronutrient taken up in large quantities, like nitrogen. In plants K does not become part of complex organic molecules. It moves as a free ion and performs many functions. Plants that are supplied with adequate K are better able to withstand stress, insect damage, and many plant diseases compared […]

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Corn Scouting Update

Recently, we dug roots to check on the effectiveness of a Triton fertilizer additive plus water in-furrow treatment for a field in Clark County. This corn was planted April 19th and the photos were taken on May 10. As you can see, there  is a noticeable increase in the quantity of root hairs on the […]

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