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Milford Center, OH 43045
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LeavesOur Associate Partners

Jeff Casto

Sales Manager
(740) 506-3713

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Yvette Fetterly

Associate Partner
(734) 770-4063

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Brad Higgins

Associate Partner
(937) 594-8681

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Justin Rivers

Associate Partner
(937) 594-8877

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Scott Spelman

Associate Partner
(937) 594-8886

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Brad Dinnen

Associate Partner
(937) 207-0771

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Brent Nicol

Sales Coordinator
(937) 303-2850

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LeavesOur Operations and Administrative Team


Tracie Stanley

Office Manager
(937) 349-2080

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Crystal Adams

Director of Credit & Collections
(937) 349-2080

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Kelly Parker

Administrative Assistant
(937) 349-2080

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Robert Spence II

Warehouse Generalist
(937) 707-2536

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Clay King

Warehouse Generalist
(937) 707-4757

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Cody Spelman

Warehouse Generalist/ Applicator
(614) 746-9474

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Marty Elliott

(937) 605-1284

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Evan Scheiderer

Custom Applicator
(937) 243-4742

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